ACV 1230-46

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Raadio adapter OPEL Quadlock > ISO norm / phantom supply DIN
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Radio adapter cable / DIN Antenna with phantom supply

MOST-System to ISO power and DIN antenna with phantom power supply on FAKRA-system.
This line has a maximum capacity of 200 mA because all new vehicles use clamp 15 for ignition impulse. If using older versions ( ->10 to 15 years old),which use clamp 15 for the main power source, you need a contactor to protect the ignition circuitry!

Opel Astra H 2004 ->
Corsa C 2004 ->
Verctra C 2004 ->

note: Opel Astra H: you find the clamp 15 underneath the wheel in a corrugated hose -> black cable


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