Dynamat Superlite Bulk Pack

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Dynamat SuperLite sound damping material keeps road noise out without weighing down your vehicle, so you can enjoy your music and a fuel-efficient journey.
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This damping material "a technologically advanced plastic with a low-density synthetic core and alloy skin" conforms and fuses to your car's floor pans, doors, and other surfaces. It converts the dynamic motion energy in your vehicle's problem spots into silence you can appreciate. 

You'll hear less unwanted noise caused by vibrations and resonance and more of your favorite music, with noticeably improved bass response. 

The 10648 bulk kit includes twelve 18" x 32" sheets of Dynamat SuperLite, for a total of 48 square feet. A car door typically requires about 5 square feet of SuperLite, but you can apply it just about anywhere, including the boot, bonnet, and roof. SuperLite is lighter and thinner than Original Dynamat and comes with a distinctive blue finish.


Dynamat SuperLite is for the vehicle owner who wants a quiet, solid ride, while keeping weight to a minimum. SuperLite can be used for full coverage on your vehicle's interior or just in problem areas of high sound resonation. The flexible, low-density synthetic core creates dynamic motion energy conversion to silence your vehicle interior. It is a thin, easy to install, super-sticky, space-age synthetic, bonded to an alloy skin that converters noise causing vibration into silent energy. Use it on doors, floor, roof, bonnet, and boot.

Installation: Dynamat SuperLite offers simple peel & stick installation.

  • Measure and cut the Dynamat SuperLite sheets
  • Remove the paper liner
  • Place and press firmly to adhere

Pack Size:

  • 48 SQ.FT (4.4 SQ.M): Twelve 4 sq.ft sheets (10648)

Note: Each sheet measures 31.75" wide x 17.875" tall (45.7 x 81.2 cm) 


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